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From here different versions of the main program and the prototype suite can be downloaded.

Main Program Suite

You can download the latest release 0.04.07 unix file format or 0.04.07 windows file format. We also have development releases that contain beside the source code also various reports: development 0.04.07 unix file format or development 0.04.07 windows file format.

You can also try to start the application via Java Web Start directly from this web site if your browser supports this. Just click on START. There should be a splash screen for Java Web Start, asking you to trust the signature. Although it will be not recommended you must trust the signature of Hilbert II to start the application. Currently this will not work with a new java version.

The current release 0.04.07 has the following detailed description. For the current source code you could browse the subversion tree. You can also see the results of the nightly build . Especially you can start the brand new development version there.

Further informations can be found under development.


The prototype is not supported any longer. But you can get the last release under pmii 0.00.53 unix and pmii 0.00.53 windows.
A MS windows version of the prototype with setup program can be downloded here: setup.exe.
To start the prototype with Java Web Start click on prototype 0.00.53.

Further informations can be found under prototype installation and prototype manual.

Older versions are visible in this view.

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