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Java Web Start (an Oracle trademark) is a convenient way to start Java applications from the Net. The application archives are kept in a local cache and will be used in off-line mode. Java Web Start automatically looks for updates of the application, so updating is no longer a problem.

You will need at least Java 1.2 to use Java Web Start. Supported operating systems are all flavours of Windows, Linux and Sun's Sparc. Hilbert II needs at least Java 1.4.2.

Java Web Start is included in Java 1.4. If you have no Java version or you are using an earlier version, download and install Java Web Start from Oracles pages, if necessary.

Currently you can not web start Hilbert II with a new Java installation because of security issues. However you can still download the application and start Hilbert II directly. With an old java version the following should still work.

Just click on main program suite or prototype 0.00.53 to start the application. There should be a splash screen for Java Web Start, asking you to trust the signature. Although it will be not recommended you must trust the signature of Hilbert II to start the application.

If you want to use the program off-line, you may now use a link to Java Web Start directly. Java Web Start can also install an icon on the desktop for you.

update 2016-03-27 18:29:17+0200