FindBugs Report

Project Information

FindBugs version: 1.3.8


22638 lines of code analyzed, in 414 classes, in 37 packages.

Metric Total Density*
High Priority Warnings 0.00
Medium Priority Warnings 2 0.09
Total Warnings 2 0.09

(* Defects per Thousand lines of non-commenting source statements)



Warning Type Number
Bad practice Warnings 1
Dodgy Warnings 1
Total 2


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Bad practice Warnings

Code Warning
NP org.qedeq.kernel.xml.handler.common.SimpleAttributes.getBoolean(String) has Boolean return type and returns explicit null

Dodgy Warnings

Code Warning
DLS Dead store to context in


DLS_DEAD_LOCAL_STORE: Dead store to local variable

This instruction assigns a value to a local variable, but the value is not read or used in any subsequent instruction. Often, this indicates an error, because the value computed is never used.

Note that Sun's javac compiler often generates dead stores for final local variables. Because FindBugs is a bytecode-based tool, there is no easy way to eliminate these false positives.

NP_BOOLEAN_RETURN_NULL: Method with Boolean return type returns explicit null

A method that returns either Boolean.TRUE, Boolean.FALSE or null is an accident waiting to happen. This method can be invoked as though it returned a value of type boolean, and the compiler will insert automatic unboxing of the Boolean value. If a null value is returned, this will result in a NullPointerException.