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Prototype / Propositional Calculus

The mathematical argumentation is based on logical laws which are developed in the following. The proceeding is thereby strictly formal: it is just manipulating strings by simple rules. The design of the definitions, theorems, propositions, rules and proofs is due to Bernays, Hilbert and Ackermann.

The following documents were generated with the prototype out of qedeq modules. The qedeq modules were checked for formal correctness with the integrated proof verifier. (Also see last column.)

If the viewing of the HTML pages in the first column is not satisfactorily please try the second HTML links (o.html) which require an installed symbol font. If you have also trouble viewing these HTML pages please take look at Ian Hutchinson's pages: Browser Problems and Comparative Review of World-Wide-Web Mathematics Renderers.

Basic definitions of propositional and predicate calculus

lang&rules   html o.html         informal definition of the used language and the rules of derivation
propaxiom   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   axioms, definitions and declarations of the rules of derivation of propositional calculus

Simple derivations

proptheo1   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   first theorems
proptheo2   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   the axioms of the Whitehead-Russell calculus derived as theorems

Systematic development of propositional calculus

Now the elementary theorems of propositional calculus are derived. The basis and master for this is the document deduction. In this document meta rules are already used. Here we use only basis rules therefore the following files are rather big. For shorter and more readable proofs that use meta rules look at the sections below.

prophilbert1   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   first steps
prophilbert2   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   next level
prophilbert3   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   third level

First meta rule

subst   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   declaration of new substitution meta rule

Systematic development with meta rules

Same development as before but now meta rules are used. This proceeding is common mathematical methodology and is more close to the document deduction. The above qedeq modules, which don't use meta rules, where automatically generated from the following qedeq modules.

prophilbert1'   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   first steps, here further meta rules are declared
prophilbert2'   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   next level
prophilbert3'   html o.html pdf tex qedeq   third level

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